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Our yoga for beginners classes are designed for students new to yoga or those wishing to enjoy a slower paced practice and go 'back to basics'. During the classes we look at some of the key basic postures regularly practiced in yoga; including standing postures, twists, forward bends, back bends, sun salutations and ways to link these together in simple flowing sequences. We explore the postures in detail and learn the importance of alignment and letting go of effort to help you to achieve stability, ease and comfort. I will also help you to listen to your body and breath, and show you ways to adapt the postures to accommodate any injuries / health issues or just to modify for what you need each time you step onto the mat. Finally, we look at different breathing techniques and their importance in helping you to find focus, quieten the mind and help you relax. The classes are informal and I encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to ensure you come away from each class with a clear understanding of the practices.










Yumi Yoga’s Improvers Yoga classes are designed to capture the essence of Dynamic Flow Yoga.  Based on the principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa, we practice continuous, flowing sequences of postures co-ordinating each movement with breath awareness.  Our Improvers Yoga classes are suitable for those with a good level of general fitness and preferably some experience of yoga (although beginners are welcome too).  We structure the classes as 6-week rolling terms, with a different theme every term. Week by week we adapt and add postures so there is a familiarity to the flow, but no two classes are the same. The nature of the continuous flow ensures each student benefits from a dynamic practice. We offer adjustments and modifications throughout the class to ensure all students enjoy the practice at their own pace.


Benefits include:

• improving strength and stamina throughout the body

• improving mobility:  joints, ligaments & tendons are supported and muscles are toned

 and strengthened.

• cleansing and regulating the body’s systems (including skeletal, muscular, circulatory,

  nervous & digestive)

• increasing flexibility and improving postural alignment

• focusing the mind and encouraging stillness

• reduces stress and increases the ability to relax

• encourages balance and harmony between body, breath and mind




Mixed Ability / Improvers Yoga - Upcoming Terms Start:

(Please note, all classes take place from 10.35am until 11.35am at Cardiff Yoga Studio, 12, St Peters Street (Entrance off Bedford Street), Roath,CF24 3BA )

- Saturday 1st June (until 13th July).

- Saturday 20th July (until 24th August).

Mixed Ability Yoga Beginners yoga Dynamic Flow Yoga



Yoga for Beginners - Upcoming Terms Start:

(Please note, all classes take place from 9.25am until 10.25am at Cardiff Yoga Studio, 12, St Peters Street (Entrance off Bedford Street), Roath,CF24 3BA )

- Saturday 1st June (until 13th July).

- Saturday 20th July (until 24th August).


"I have been really enjoying your classes. I have been suffering from a lot of stress recently and I find your classes so calming. I am feeling physically and mentally stronger because of them.."

Yoga classes Yoga for Men

"I'd previously completed an 8 week yoga beginners class, fearing I'd be left behind if I joined a larger group that had been practicing for a long period of time. Fortunately I needn't have worried. Claire was fantastic at ensuring I moved into the correct positions, even though I was a beginner. I'm now much more confident with the poses and practice at home in between classes.  I really look forward to their classes, which are friendly, relaxed and dynamic. I always come out feeling very refreshed."


Beginners & Improvers Yoga Classes

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If you would like more information or would like to join our classes

please contact us:



07957 204 177

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"Yesterdays class was brilliant. I have so enjoyed being taught by you the past few years. You are an inspiration. Monday evening is always something to look forward to. Thank you."

We also offer Private 1-2-1 tuition & Corporate Classes at Work also available - contact us for details


See 'Timetable' for location & timetable for Yumi Yoga Beginners & Dynamic Flow Yoga classes.

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