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I Just wanted to let you know that our twins were born by c-section at 11.05 and 11.06 yesterday morning - Florence at 5lb 10 oz and Matilda at 4lb 5oz.  We had a growth scan on Tuesday and the growth of twin b (now Matilda) had slowed so the consultant felt they were best delivered sooner rather than later.  Despite not using any yoga moves I did use a lot of the breathing techniques you taught me to keep myself calm throughout and to help with the pain of the epidural. I've also since been doing some gentle stretching post c section to help me recover.  Thank you so much for all you taught me.

My labour was super quick; 2.5hrs in total!! Bit of a shock! I do feel really strongly though that having done yoga made such a difference physically and mentally. I felt so much more prepared and calm than I would otherwise have done (even if it was quite rushed!). I spent the first hour and 15 mins mostly on all fours (elbows/forearms or hands & knees), sometimes moving my bum back towards my heels as I breathed out. I used the golden thread visualisation predominantly but I also used some 'oooh's'.

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"I can highly highly recommend Claire's pregnancy yoga. The classes are pitched at just the right level and it has been brilliant to do some gentle exercise throughout my pregnancy. I have found that since I've been doing the classes, my aches and pains have almost completely gone away and I always leave the classes feeling relaxed and refreshed."

Claire runs a regular weekly Pregnancy Yoga classes in Cardiff.  These classes are fun and friendly and designed to help enhance and nurture your experience of pregnancy.  She has trained extensively with Birthlight & the British Wheel of Yoga in Prenatal Yoga, Birth Preparation & Postnatal Yoga to ensure that her classes bring you a complete view of how to enjoy a healthy prenatal and postnatal experience. Her classes are friendly, accessible and encourage a sense of comfort, relaxation and confidence all the way through to, and including the birth of your baby.   During each class we explore a range of yoga postures, guided relaxations and breathing techniques to support your pregnancy, soothe any discomfort, relieve any stress / anxiety and help ease you through the daily changes occurring as your baby develops.  As you become familiar with the practices you will feel more prepared for labour and will have learnt useful techniques to take with you for the birth of your baby.  


Our Pregnancy Yoga classes are warm and welcoming and a great place to meet other mums-to-be - we're delighted that many lasting friendships have been made at our classes.  Mum's often continue to meet up after their little ones have arrived and go on to join our Mum & Baby and Baby Massage classes together.  


Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga include:

• Building stablility & strength balanced with softening & releasing where needed in the body

• encouraging deep relaxation & stress relief

• encouraging effective breathing techniques for pregnancy & labour

• strengthening the bond between mother and baby

• helping to alleviate ailments commonly experienced during pregnancy; such as problems sleeping, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, lower back pain etc.

• Calming for the mind and emotions


Yumi Yoga’s Pregnancy classes are suitable for anyone over 12 weeks pregnant.  No previous experience of yoga is necessary.


See 'Timetable' for location & timetable for Yumi Yoga Pregnancy Yoga classes.  We also offer Private 1-2-1 sessions for Yoga, Couples Birth Preparation & Hypnobirthing - please contact us for more infornation



Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

(Also see Hypnobirthing Courses and Birth Preparation Workshops)

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If you would like more information or would like to join our classes

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"I joined the pregnancy yoga class early in my 2nd trimester.  I had never experienced yoga before so was unsure what to expect but knew I wanted to practice breathing, stretching and relax after being at work.  I loved the classes, each evening after work I wanted to just go home and sleep but after yoga class felt so relaxed and pleased that I had gone.  I really feel the breathing helped during my labour and gave me a different focus."  


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"Baby Amelia arrived early on Wednesday morning, happy and healthy. I’m very pleased that my second delivery went as well as my first, although slightly shorter; no pain relief, tears or stitches and home again by the Wednesday afternoon.  This couldn’t have been done without all my breathing and visualisations, so thanks very much for your support over the last few months, I really enjoyed the classes.  Hope to see you at mum and baby yoga soon!"


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"Wanted to say a big thanks for all your advice. Wasn't quite the birth I envisaged but I found I was an ooooh person and there were quite a few raspberries being blown before the epidural came!  The mid wife thought the breathing helped during second stage and I could envisage what was going on when pushing."  

Sarah R


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