I am hugely grateful to all the Mums and Dads who have shared their experience of birth with me

and allowed me to share thier stories with you.

All these stories are from couples who have attended Hypnobirthing, Yoga & Birth Preparation classes with me

and demonstrate beautifully how they put the techniques they learnt into practice during labour.

Mama A - "Giving birth to our baby boy was the best thing I have ever done!! I have an even greater respect for women, our bodies are amazing!!"

For about a week I'd not been feeling well and I had this headache I just couldn't shift. I eventually decided to go into the assessment unit on Saturday 17th Feb to get checked out. My partner and I were there for hours, which we weren't expecting as we both thought I was being dramatic! I was monitored and had a few tests. The doctor came down from delivery suite to see us and told us that I had pre-eclampsia and that she wanted to induce me. My first reaction to this was to cry as I had this idea of a perfect natural birth in mind. We discussed options with the doctor including waiting and having extra monitoring but with the risks and the doctors and midwives advice we eventually and reluctantly agreed to be induced the next day.

We went home, it was a strange evening knowing we'd be going back into hospital the next day and wouldn't be returning as a threesome! We had a chilled out evening, preparing for what was ahead of us.

The next day (Sunday 18th) we went into the induction ward about 12 and were given a bed. The midwife visited and told us about the induction process and inserted a prostaglandin pessary. The midwife said on examining me that my cervix was so high she couldn't do a sweep. We waited 24 hours for something to happen - nothing! During this time I watched Netflix, my partner read a book about the history of Wales (lol, my partner loves Wales!) and we ate a lot of food - really enjoyed the hospital food at that time!

24 hours later (Monday 19th 1pm) a different midwife examined me and confirmed I had not dilated at all and so inserted the gel. She said they would leave the gel for 6 hours and if nothing happened they would give me another dose of gel. Within hours I was having the most intense contractions driven by the gel, it was too intense, too quick and made me a bit crazy!! The midwife kept coming to check l was okay and telling me to relax, I felt out of control. This lasted a few hours during which time I bounced on the ball and had a bath and then they slowed down.

I was SO hot, so me and my partner went for a walk outside to the concourse so he could get something for dinner - when we got back, we sat in the common room on the ward while my partner watched Take Me Out and I paced the room, at this point I didn't feel like I could sit down. As contractions came, my partner would help me through them. I went to the loo and I had my show.

I wanted to show the midwife (lol!) as I wasn't sure what it was - it was about 7/8pm now, my partner got the midwife for me. As I sat on the bed, I felt a gush of water, my waters broke. The midwife did a quick examination, I wasn't even one cm dilated at this point, although she was able do a sweep. The midwife decided not to give me any more gel because my waters broke. To be honest, I'd had enough! I asked the midwife if I could have an epidural. She said she would get me cocodamol and speak to the doctor about an epidural.

At this point My partner started to push Hypnobirthing on me (which had been out of the window until now) ... I don't think he wanted me to have an epidural really. The midwife returned with cocodamol and left us for 2 hours. I think in my head I thought I was having an epidural so it made me think I just need to wait it out. During those 2 hours, my partner sat next to the bed and stroked my hand (a Hypnobirthing technique which we practiced nearly every night for weeks!) and he used my calming trigger word (another technique) ‘relax’ as he stroked my hand. I was silent and concentrated on breathing and before I knew it, I was in this calm state, I felt in control again! After the 2 (or so) hours the midwife came back and examined me. She said "oh!" I thought oh god what now, "you're 8cm dilated, we'd better get you up to delivery suite". I continued in my trance-like state while the midwife pushed the bed up and my partner collected all of our things. We met our midwife who delivered our baby, Cara, who left us to it for about 20 mins while she read my birth preferences and did some paperwork. My partner and I continued our Hypnobirthing, as people came into the room and my partner did the talking for me as I was so ‘in the Hypnobirthing zone’. I didn't use gas an air until I pushed - I didn't feel like I needed it. After about half hour or so I told the midwife I needed to push, she did a quick examination and said to go with my body and left us to it again.

The midwife was amazing, she really understood what we wanted from reading our preferences, including dimming the lights! I pushed for about 20 minutes before she came to support at the bedside. I pushed for about a further 15 minutes, it was the most amazing feeling!! My partner held my hand and helped me breathe throughout telling me to relax.

Our baby arrived at 12.12 on the 20th and was put straight on my chest. My partner said "that was the most amazing thing I've ever done" lol. We waited for the cord to stop pulsating and then the midwife helped me put our baby on my breast to feed. Our baby fed like this for about 15 minutes and then the midwife took the baby and wiped him/ weighed him etc. He was 9 lbs 2 ozs! I couldn't believe it! How did I produce something that big!! lol Anyway I waited half hour before giving up and having an injection to help deliver my placenta, which the midwife guided out.

Giving birth to our baby boy was the best thing I have ever done!! I have an even greater respect for women, our bodies are amazing!!

Mama D - "My partner and I worked through my surges, and our room became our heaven. I laboured without any pain relief (not even gas & air), and I can honestly say that it was the most amazing experience – beautiful, powerful and utterly intuitive."

Hi Clare

On 5 December we finally had our little boy, who was a healthy 4kg (c. 9lb). Although I had a textbook pregnancy, my delivery was a bit more challenging. I still had a wholly positive birth experience, so here’s my story.

At 1 week overdue, I declined stretch & sweep. My midwife was happy for me to wait, but booked me in for a routine induction at 13 days overdue (I was intending to go beyond that). I tried everything – long walks, bouncing ball, yoga and squatting, hot curries – and finally on Monday I started to have light pink show. Great, I thought, it’s started! This continued throughout the day, so I phoned the MLU in the evening, but they advised me to wait for another day. Next day my bleeding got brighter and they suggested I go in to be checked out. I was examined and they decided they wanted me to stay in that evening, for monitoring. There I was clutching my perfectly crafted May-Gaskin inspired birth plan, but I soon realised it was going to be plan B. My heart sank a little when the doctor told me that the MLU wouldn’t take me now, but I remained cool and composed with a strong belief that everything was going to be ok.

Once they determined that both baby and I were fine, they suggested I wait and see if I would go into labour naturally over night. I became more relaxed about the mystery bleeding (they reassured me it wasn’t my placenta). I went for a walk, vigorously climbing any stairs I could find, but not a glimmer of a contraction; instead, my bleeding got worse and they decided to induce me that night (We later on I found out it was our little boy’s head pressing on my cervix, so nothing too serious). Although my intention was to decline the induction (you should have seen their faces when I asked for foley bulb induction!), at this point I realised that I needed to be pragmatic, so I agreed. Around 2 am I was given the prostaglandin pessary, and oh boy! This was the most intense part of my labour. I know it doesn’t always work, but within minutes I started dilating and entered what I can only describe as one continued contraction. The effect was so intense that I thought, I can’t do this. I told them that I was probably having an adverse reaction, but the midwife kept insisting that ‘we’ve now committed to the induction and have to see it through’. I knew I had to be firm because my body was clearly telling me something was not right: the effect of the pessary was just too aggressive and I insisted that it had to come out. Luckily, one of the consultants agreed with me, and they took it out. Phew… Still, after 20 min. with the pessary in I was 4 cm dilated, and they decided that I was in labour and ready for delivery. I was transferred to a room with ‘my midwife’, where I would labour the next 8 hours. She was so amazing, incredibly supportive, encouraging and just perfect – the MLU experience I’d hoped for. It is hard to recall the surges or how it all started, because they came on so quickly with the induction, but I remember the whole birthing process as incredibly empowering and beautiful. I even recall the sweet scent of my waters breaking. My partner and I worked through my surges, and our room became our heaven. I laboured without any pain relief (not even gas & air), and I can honestly say that it was the most amazing experience – beautiful, powerful and utterly intuitive. And I roared! Because what started as soft whimpering gradually crescendo into a lioness roar!

After 8 hours, however, I started getting exhausted. I was dilated to 10 cm, pushing like mad, changing positions and moving around, but this baby was not coming out. Our little boy’s heart rate dropped a little, and my midwife said that his head was stuck and he probably wouldn’t come out. A consultant confirmed this, suggesting that I would not be able to push this baby out as it was, so we went to plan C: she would try and move his head manually, hoping I could have a forceps delivery, and if not, it would be a Cessarean. It’s strange, but at that moment both my partner and I acted spontaneously in harmony, and even though we were both keen for minimal intervention, we realised this baby needed to come out. My partner reassured me that I had done everything I could, that I had been so strong, but that now was the time to get help.

The next phase happened rather quickly. An amazing team of doctors and nurses wheeled me into the theatre and put me at ease with a perfect balance of professionalism, sensitivity and humour (they even provided music!). One of the anaesthetists talked to me about hypnobirthing, and who would’ve thought that THIS became the most important time to focus on breathing and visualisation!? These guys worked wonders: they managed to turn his head and with the help of ‘my midwife’ (who was there next to me the whole time), the amazing doctor and I delivered my beautiful, healthy and chunky baby boy. It may not have been the experience I had planned or prepared for, but it was still perfect, and as Claire would say, a completely positive birth story.

It’s strange to think about it now, but I don’t think I was really worried at any point. I can’t explain it, but I just knew that this baby was fine. I kept thinking of our hypnobirthing motto ‘baby knows best’, and this gave me incredible inner strength and calm to deal with anything that was thrown our way. So here’s my advice:

- Trust your body and be confident that it will tell you when something is wrong.

- Have convictions and don’t be afraid to say no, as I did with the induction.

- Be flexible, go with the flow and embrace your experience as wholly

positive, even if things have to be different to what you’d hoped for.

- Have faith in our doctors, midwives and breastfeeding support. They

provided an incredible level of care, and we’re all truly blessed to have these wonder workers as part of our NHS.

- Don’t stress about graphs and centiles. My baby was plotting large from early on, but in the end this proved beneficial. My milk was slow to come in and our little boy lost fair amount of weight (c. 12%), but he was actually fine thanks to his size and the fact that he was full term. So trust your baby, not centiles.

- Don’t be afraid of episiotomy and tears – they sound much worse than they are. I had both, and it’s incredible how soon you heal and forget that it ever happened.

Claire, thank you for all the hours of pregnancy yoga, positive birth stories and our hypnobirthing tools. We now have a beautiful baby boy who is gentle, content, curious and incredibly happy, and I’m sure my daily yoga and hypnobirthing practices played a big part in this.

Good luck ladies, and enjoy every moment!

Mama A - "Thank you Claire, for your amazing Yoga classes. Coming to Yoga every week, meeting all the other lovely ladies and getting all the valuable advice on pregnancy and birth and practising breathing helped me tremendously. Breathing techniques and confidence in my body helped me to undergo birth unmedicated and stay calm throughout."

Dear Claire,

As promised, here is my little unusual birth story. I hope it can give the other ladies some confidence in their bodies. Even an unassisted, unplanned home birth can be quite a good experience.

It all started at 1:30 am in the morning of the due date with my waters breaking in a big gush on my way to the toilet. I immediately got exited but there was no signs of contractions yet. The MLU advised me to come in for a check at 10am unless I had contractions every 5 min for 1 min each. I thus went back to bed but after a little while, contractions started coming in. They were only 3 min apart but less than a minute each leaving me confused about what to do. Breathing through them I stayed at home till about 9am, then deciding it was time to go in. At this point, I felt confident about giving birth and was excited about what was about to come.

At 10am a midwife assessed my progress and advised us that I was only 2 cm dilated and was coping ‘“too well”. She also doubted that my waters were actually gone and since the baby was back to back. She told us that labor would take ages and become way more painful before anything would happen. We were told we should go back home and come back if I wasn’t able to smile anymore! This assessment somehow knocked my confidence so when we arrived back home and things got a little harder I put that down to me being less sure of myself. At home I laboured in the bathroom in and out of the shower with the amazing support of my partne. He kept me hydrated and helped me breath though the contractions so that I gained back my confidence and managed to cope well.

At about 12:30 we decided to go back in to hospital, but on the way to the car I realised I wouldn't make it there as I felt the need to push and a felt a head between my legs. We just made it back into the house and within 5 min our little girl was born on the living room floor. My partner was on the phone with the emergency services who guided him through what to do. Just when he placed her on my chest, the paramedics came into help cut the cord. A little later the midwife turned up to helped with the delivery of the placenta.

Overall, the birth was quite scary for my partner but since I focused on breathing etc it wasn’t that bad for me. My body just knew what needed doing so everything else didn't matter. I didn't need stitches or anything so we stayed home straight away.

I wouldn't have planned it like that but actually I am quite happy how it all worked out and it was great to enjoy our new family at home. This unusual birth was quite empowering for me and my partner alike, we are very confident that we can now also master parenthood together.

I also wanted to thank you Claire, for your amazing Yoga classes. Coming to Yoga every week, meeting all the other lovely ladies and getting all the valuable advice on pregnancy and birth and practising breathing helped me tremendously. Breathing techniques and confidence in my body helped me to undergo birth unmedicated and stay calm throughout.

I am looking forward to meeting you in baby massage and yoga.

All the best to all the other lovely ladies

Mama D - "For me, my husband was key. Knowing that he was there and hearing his voice really encouraged me"

Hi Claire

Sorry it’s taken me this long to write you but its been non-stop since our little girl was born. I wanted to drop you a few lines about my labour day - you said if we could you would be interested to read it. I hope my experience serves others - :).

My journey started when we decided to have a baby. As a person who likes to have everything in place prior making a new step, the idea of a baby was challenging. But equally, I wanted to be a mum so we went for it. On the day I found out, I was very excited and I remember going to the kitchen waving the pee stick to my husband saying to him: We are doing it! After that moment, I bought all what I found on fit pregnancy and mindfulness during pregnancy - I am a regular gym goer and tennis player and I didn’t want to give up these.
My first appointments with the midwife were very vague and we started to feel that we weren't comfortable with our knowledge on birthing. Via my book of mindfulness I found out about hypnobirthing - and that’s how I met you :).
Hypnobirthing has helped us understand all the choices we had at the time of labour and after. Our relationship with our midwife changed completely once she saw we were the ones steering our pregnancy and not her. We were offered so much more support on all our choices. They were also giving us further information and appointments to clarify our birth plan and the choice of vitamin K
Now to the interesting bit - labour day.
Contractions started on the 26 March - my hubby’s birthday. They were the intensity of Braxton Hicks - but the feeling was different. I knew they were contractions. We were eating an Italian meal and I was telling him that they felt different. So, we finished the meal and we went home. We phoned the MLU (Midwife Led Unit) and they told me to monitor them and to take a warm bath. Contractions fade off after the bath… which today I think I probably stopped my labour with it.

On Thursday 29 March, in the morning the same feeling started. I phoned MLU around midday and they said to keep monitoring until they were regular. The intensity increased and by 3 pm my hubby had to start work. He asked me if I wanted him to stay and I said no…but I knew that wasn’t a good idea. Not sure how to explain it. I just knew it was the day.

My waters released at 15:30 - 16:00. (All this time I was simply breathing and walking and squatting - it helped me get the rhythm). Texted my hubby and he came home straight away. I phoned once again to the MLU saying my waters have released but the lady on the phone said I still could talk to her. Which by that point I asked her, when do you think I should phone again then? She said - you shouldn’t be able to talk to me while having a contraction. (For the readers: I was coping really well with the surges - but they couldn’t see that).

When my husband came home, he phoned the MLU, passed me the phone and I passed the phone back saying I couldn’t talk as I had to concentrate on my breathings. At that point, my husband said to the midwife, I am sorry but we are coming in. He was the one who made the decision as otherwise I most likely would have had our little one at home!
I can’t remember very well the journey from home to the hospital. But I remember my husband helping me with the breathings which was really comforting.
Once I arrived to the hospital, I wasn’t talking to anyone just breathing and walking through the suite. They did the first vaginal check straight away… I was 7 cm!!! They prepared the pool and 2 hours later our little girl was born.

It was a very physical experience. It was intense and I was very loud but the midwife coached me to use the energy to push, which did the trick. I was concentrating on what I was doing and really the sensations I had, despite being intense, I could manage them well. My husband poured water on my back which did help a lot. And I really admire the ladies who deliver babies without support. For me, my husband was key. Knowing that he was there and hearing his voice really encouraged me :).

Our little girl was born with me in a squat position - hugging my husband. The pool worked fine throughout the 2 hours but as I was getting tired they decided to make me squat. And it did the trick.

Pain relief – I had none. Our little girl was almost 10 lbs and I did have a tear. But I am fully recovered.

All the staff at Heath hospital was lovely. They respected our birthing plan and all what we wrote in it. We couldn’t be happier to be honest. Super positive experience and obviously we will repeat.

Big hug and many many thanks for all what you have done for us xxx .

Mama B - "I’m so thankful for the techniques learnt from doing hypnobirthing & yoga with you, as these meant I was able to have the VBAC in the MLU I’d really wanted."

Hi Claire,

Our second daughter made a slightly early appearance at 38 weeks on Monday 3rd September (the first day of my maternity leave!).
I’d been to the Heath on the Sunday for a trace as baby’s movements had slowed. All was fine & the midwife said I was actually having contractions so might not be long before baby arrived. But as I couldn’t feel anything I assumed they were just Braxton Hicks & I still had a while to go, especially as our first daughter was born 2 weeks after her estimated due date.
At 3:30am the following morning my waters broke & at around 5:30am I started feeling some mild surges but I stopped noticing them once my daughter was up & we started with our day as usual (playing, eating, walking, etc) & nothing further seemed to be happening.
I had to go to the MLU at the Heath at 3:30pm to be checked as my waters had broken 12 hours before & was told I was 2cm dilated. They also booked me in for an induction the following morning as they don’t like to leave you longer than 24 hours in case of infection, but said to come back if labour had started before the 24 hour cut-off.
Once we got home we had some food, watched some tv & I spoke to my parents to check my daughter was settled with them. We then went to bed listening to the Hypnobirthing scripts, doing my visualisations & I also cuddled into my daughter’s blanket as thought it might help generate some oxytocin. An hour later I was having regular mild surges & after another hour I woke my husband as the surges were coming every 2/3 minutes & lasting about 1 minute. He called the MLU & they said to come in, but I wasn’t overly keen to leave my ‘safe space’ as still didn’t feel I was in full active labour & didn’t want things to stop once I got to the hospital if labour wasn’t fully established. In the end, I gave in & we arrived at the Heath at 11pm where I was told I was fully dilated. 50mins later & with the help of some gas & air, my husband’s coaching of the down breathing & a lot of loud mooing(!), our daughter arrived :-) (I had to have a few stitches because of grazes from my daughter’s nails, but my perineum remains in tact so would definitely recommend the massage of that & plenty of pelvic floor!)
My first daughter was an undiagnosed breech which had resulted in an emergency c-section after an induced labour & I was determined to have a natural birth this time round.
I’m therefore so thankful for the techniques learnt from doing hypnobirthing & yoga with you, as these meant I was able to have the VBAC in the MLU I’d really wanted.
Thank you Claire!
We are looking forward to seeing you for Mum & Baby yoga soon.

Mama A - "I think Hypnobirthing really helped me to face labour with less fear and accept that it can be an incredible experience. I tend to worry a lot, so for me this was a major change of perspective."

Dear Claire,

Happy new year! I hope you had a nice Christmas break. I had my baby and everything went fantastically. I wanted to write our baby’s birthing story for a while, but didn’t find the mental space until now. I really enjoyed hearing about other’s birthing stories so I hope they enjoy this one too.

I was due to have my baby on the 9th of October. I started my maternity leave the 8th so probably it was good that he came a bit later, although I have to say that from the weekend before I started putting in practice ‘natural’ induction methods: pineapple, sex, hot food, longer walks and the like. I felt I was more or less ready but I had an extra week in front of me, which was good to finish preparing things and have some mental space. I was a bit worried about having to have an induction, but my community midwife was very supportive and relaxed. She didn’t put any pressure on me to have a sweep and just told me to relax and give it some time, which was what I wanted to do. One of my best friends back in Spain is a midwife and recommended some postures for labour induction and also to create some space with my partner to say goodbye to this pregnancy and in my case, my pregnant body. On Sunday the 14th at night we sat together and thought about all the amazing things that had happened since I’ve got pregnant, how we decided to have a baby and the emotional and physical journey that we have walked together, that finally led us to be ready to welcome a little human, a mixture of the two of us to our lives. We also spoke about what we were looking forward to as parents and our fears.

It was a very emotional evening that same night I went into labour. At around 1:30am I started having regular contractions, every 6-7 minutes that lasted for around 30 seconds. We called the MLU and they said to wait until they were every 5 min and lasted for a minute. I took a paracetamol and lay in bed. The midwife recommended a bath, but to be honest, I wasn’t sure I wanted a bath at that time in the night and neither that I would be able to get in and out comfortably. The surges were quite uncomfortable and very regular, so after a couple of hours I decided to get the tens machine on. Not sure how much it actually helped, but it was nice to feel that I was doing something! We put on the Hypnobirthing CDs and lay in bed, which was relaxing. My partner went to sleep and I tried to but, a mixture of things happening and the excitement made it quite difficult!

We were around the house in the morning. Still my contractions were every 6 minutes, and I started to feel tired and wanted some more pain relief as well as to know what was going on. We called the MLU again and they told us we could go in but that we might be sent back home again if I wasn’t in established labour.

We arrived to Heath at around 11 am and were put in an enormous room with the pool, blocks, a birthing ball, a bed, everything! The midwives examined me and I was 3cm dilated. They said I could stay for a couple of hours to see how things were progressing. My partner went to park the car to park the car and I stayed in the room, thinking that things could just stop, even though the contractions were still regular. I was using the tens machine and after trying different positions and not getting much relief, I went into the pool. Oh my god! That was so amazing - it was so nice and warm and relieved so much the intensity of the contractions. We had by this point put on soft music and dim lights. I was also concentrating on my breathing quite a lot, using my Hypnobirthing visualisations and my partner was supporting me, telling me how well I was doing and how beautiful I looked and holding me when needed. The midwives were also very supportive and stayed out of the way, giving me a lot of space and being extremely respectful, following my birthing plan. After 4 hours they checked again my progress and i was 4-5 cm dilated, so for them labour had started. I was feeling very uncomfortable then, and was happy try the gas and air, but sadly it did not have any effect on me. I was then feeling exhausted after more than 12 hours with contractions every 5-6 min and started thinking that I wanted some more pain relief; basically an epidural.

My partner, was very encouraging, trying to keep me to my birth plan, and proposing to get back into the water with the gas. This time the water was not that helpful and I was increasingly worried about how much longer this was going to take. I asked the midwife how long it could take me to get to 10 cm and she said good progress was half centimetre per hour. That made me decide that I did want an epidural and asked for the transfer. While they were getting things ready I started feeling the urge to poo and push. My midwife friend had said to me that when you feel the need to poo, the baby is close, so I realised things were speeding up. Given my weird contraction/pushing movements the midwife asked if I wanted to be examined, and there you go, I was 9-10 cm dilated! So no time for the epidural.

[Birth Partner says: I suddenly had a moment of doubt here… I worried that I had I been too strongly encouraging my partner to keep to her birth plan and hold out on getting the epidural…? Fortunately she suddenly become super brave at this point and wasn’t in the mood for any regrets!]

I was laying in bed after the examination and decided to stay there. The midwives offered coaching for pushing if I wanted it, and despite me saying in my birth plan that I didn’t want it, I did want as much help as possible. That support was great, I felt accompanied and that they were taking amazing care of me, which I think helped me a lot to feel safe and not fearful. So there we were, two midwives that I was pushing against with my legs, my partner holding me and me pushing very hard. The amount of noises I made I think is completely indescribable but it was very powerful to put together the pushing with all those guttural sounds. It felt so different from the contractions, I was so concentrated and felt very empowered, we are going to do this! I cannot emphasize enough how much the support of the midwives and my partner talking me through what was happening and encouraging me helped me. They gave me the option of touching the baby’s head or seeing him in a mirror as he was coming out but I didn’t really feel like it. The waters broke while I was pushing.

I was getting tired but one of the midwives said that our baby would be out by 18:30 and she was right! During the last pushes I really felt I was giving away all the energy I had in me, and you always realise you have a bit more, and you push more the next time. Our baby came out and as he was put on my chest, there was no discomfort any more, not a single tiny bit anywhere. He was absolutely perfect and latched to my breast in 5 minutes. My legs were shaking with the adrenaline. I recall those moments as so natural and beautiful, seeing my partner holding our child and saying how incredible I had been and that he owes me forever. Our bodies and us are just amazing. As a couple and now a family we are loving each other more if that is even possible! The whole thing ended with a few stitches, a nice shower and moving to a lovely double bedroom. We even had some pizza delivered for dinner!

I am very grateful about how everything went. Thanks to my partner I didn’t give in to ask for an epidural earlier, he was so supportive and my rock. The care at the heath was absolutely amazing, the midwives were supportive and respectful and so encouraging. I just had a small tear and now I am 100% recovered thanks to a lot perineal massage and exercises while pregnant, as well as physio support offered by the NHS. And I am also very grateful to you Claire and all the mums there that share their stories. I think Hypnobirthing really helped me to face labour with less fear and accept that it can be an incredible experience. I tend to worry a lot, so for me this was a major change of perspective. I will see you soon in baby and mummy yoga, and girls, I wish you the best!