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"My little Santiago was born on Thursday the 22nd of May at 20:14. Claire can you believe that only 24 hours before I was at your yoga class?!


How did it go... unfortunately not according to plan, but thanks to all the practice of both yoga and hypnobirthing techniques it was just amazing. The whole process started around 3 am, but 3 :45 am I had my 'show' and by 1:30 pm my water broke.. That's when things took a different path as the water was green. Yes, with meconium.   After I spoke with the birth centre at Lewisham hospital they recommended us to go straight to the labour ward.  By the time I got to hospital the midwife said that i was 9 cm dilated...she was fantastic, Laurence gave her our birth plan she read it and said it would be better to try to get Santiago as natural as possible..Following Laurence's lead she encouraged me to breath my baby down...The process was fine, but started to slow down a bit and the specialists (who were also aware and respectful of our birth plan) came to offer different options as we needed to get Santiago out ASAP. She kept encouraged me to breath my baby down as she could almost see his head. In the end, I was put on the drip to accelerate the surges for the last stretch... Santiago was then received by a paediatrician who checked him and said everything was fine with him as he didn't eat any of the meconium.  The hypnobirthing techniques and yoga exercises did play a big part of my day and it was closer to what we wanted. I didn't experience any pain and stayed very calmed. The people at the delivery room could not believe that I didn't use any sort of pain relieved, not even after they put me on the drip for the last half an hour of the labour...


THANK YOU very very much, you helped me loads in having an amazing birth (in spite of the meconium) and Santiago was born calmed and healthy.."


"This is just a quick note to let you know that our baby girl, Emmeline, was born on 12th February weighing 9lb 2oz (4.2kg) and measuring 55cm - tall like mum and dad! Below are some brief details about the birth - for which I wanted to thank you for your wisdom and advice.


Emmeline was born in the water pool at St Thomas' home from home centre following a hypnobirth lasting 13 hours. My first contraction started at 4.30am when my waters broke and occured every 15 minutes. I decided to get up and move around, while leaving Ulrich asleep. I took a shower and ate a banana and moved around during the surges which were getting stronger. By 6am I had to wake Ulrich, surges were coming every 4 minutes and were powerful. I bounced gently on the birthing ball and lent against the wall during each one while he rubbed my back. By 9.30 we were on our way to the hospital - on assessment I was 5cm dilated and moved into the home from home centre. Each new position I took would bring on a contraction and they were coming every 2 minutes. I practised the 'up' breathing to relax the uterus muscles, and visualised blowing bubbles, lifting the head up and opening the chest. We played Katherine Graves piano music throughout which really helped to soothe as it was pre programmed from do many nights of listening to the CD. By 2pm I was in the pool - warm water was a wonderful feeling and helped to soften the lower back. The lights were low and we had LED candles, I even fell asleep at one point! No other pain relief was needed and Emmeline was born at 18:30.


My advice to upcoming mums is practice breathing and a few simple visualisations and all will be fine. It's also important though to think about the few days after birth and prepare for that positively too. I.e. How will breastfeeding be and positively visualise sufficient milk etc. The birth is over do quickly and then the real work begins!!"

"After two tough labours, my girlfriend was obviously quite anxious about giving birth a third time. My brother and his wife had used HypnoBirthing for the birth of their first child and sung its praises highly. We decided to give it a go- nothing ventured, nothing gained.


A quick Internet search later and we found Helen, a local HypnoBirthing teacher. Before we signed up, Helen came to our house to talk to us about what to expect and what we would get out of the course. It was obvious from the minute we met her that she is hugely passionate about HypnoBirthing. We read her testimonials and decided there and then that she was the one for us. We had five sessions with her, all at our house, all very informal and relaxed.


Despite initially being sceptical, Nicola soon began to see that HypnoBirthing was going to work for her. The techniques used are nothing clever or difficult, they simply teach human beings how to give birth the way that they are designed to do so. A technique that for whatever reason has largely got lost in today's modern society. It also doesn't involve being hypnotised as the name would suggest. HypnoBirthing doesn't eliminate the pain and discomfort of child-birth but it does lessen it and make it manageable.


We had a home birth and I know that being in familiar and comfortable surroundings also had a huge positive effect on the labour. Nicola remained in control of her body throughout the labour using the techniques that Helen had showed her. When the midwives showed up they didn't even think Nicola was in labour because she was so calm and relaxed. After the birth the midwives commented that they wished they had filmed the whole thing because from their point of view it was a textbook birth. Their only involvement was at the very end when baby popped out.


From a father's point of view, it was an absolutely amazing experience, an experience that I believe would have been entirely different without HypnoBirthing.’

“ I just wanted to take the time to thank you for your wonderful course, and let you know that hypnobirthing transformed an apprehensive experience into one that my husband and I will treasure for the rest of our lives.


Our baby girl was born on the 15th of March at St Marys birthing centre 3 hours after checking in- what was the point really?!


I had a slow and steady pre labour over a 24 hour period, of which I used your relaxation techniques and visualisations, and did a lot of walking, resting, and talking!!  I was very excited, but remained calm, focused and confident.  I was determined to stay at home for as long as possible, and in hindsight, could have just as easily stayed at home for the whole experience.  (As it was, I left the birthing center 10 hours after giving birth.)


Upon arrival at the centre, I hoped straight into the water, and continued as I had at home.  I must admit that your voice wafted into my head on several occasions, with the affirmation "breath in relaxation and calmness" being very strong in my mind. It worked to the point that I had a cup of tea in the pool with my husband and the mid wife in between surges!!


Our baby girl was born three hours later with my waters intact, which the midwife said was a testimony to my calmness.


I did put a large amount of effort into the practice I did at home, listening to your CD, and reading allowed my affirmations, every day for 2 and a half months without fail.  As a direct result, I not only had the birth that I wanted, I had the perfect birth.  I can not thank you enough, and will be sure to let anyone I ever meet who is pregnant know that the mind is the most powerful tool in the body, and if you use it to your advantage, anything is possible.”

Claudia & Laurence - proud mummy & daddy of baby Santiago

Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal training programme, designed to help women and their partners / birth partners to enjoy a more positive, calm and natural experience of childbirth.  Using simple yet effective relaxation, breathing and self-hypnosis techniques we will help you to feel more in control and to release any anxiety or fears you may have about the birth of your baby.  Hypnobirthing techniques are soundly based in establish anatomy, physiology and psychology and we will help you to understand how your body and mind works during labour and how the Hypnobirthing techniques actively help you to work in harmony with these systems.  We will also give you lots of practical information surrounding birth to help you and your partner / birth partner to be more informed about your birth choices.  Our aim is to help you build confidence and remember that childbirth is something to be celebrated, a natural experience that women’s bodies are designed to do - often Hypnobirthing mums birth their baby without any need for intervention or artificial pain relief, or describe their experience as powerful rather than painful. The birth of your baby can be a very positive and empowering experience - we cannot promise you the perfect birth, however we will give you the tools to work together to make a positive difference during your pregnancy, your labour and to your baby.  I am a fully qualified Hypnobirthing practitioner and hold a Diploma in KG Hypnobirthing (accredited by the Royal College of Midwives)


Benefits of Hypnobirthing include:

For Mother:

Hypnobirthing is a positive way for mums-to-be to connect with baby and prepare for birth.  She will learn techniques to help her to relax and remain calm and confident before birth and during labour.  Specifically to birth, being calm helps encourage natural hormone production of oxytocin and endorphins which work together to create more effective surges (contractions) and provide the body’s natural pain relief.  A relaxed woman is more able to birth her baby gently, with less need for pain relief and less chance of medical intervention.  She is also more likely to go into labour naturally without the need for medical induction. On the course, she will also learn more about the process of labour itself so she can make informed choices along the way and be happy that those decisions are right for her and her baby, whatever they may be.


For Father / Birth Partner:

Hypnobirthing is totally inclusive of partners and helps them to be completely involved during pregnancy and the birth of their baby.  They will learn how to help their partner relax and enjoy a more calm experience of birth and appreciate how integral their positive support is for their partner during labour.  They will be well informed about the process of labour, helping to dispel any fears they may have for their partner or negative preconceived ideas surrounding birth.  This information will help them to play an active role in communicating with health professionals during labour and help their partner to make informed decisions along the way.  They will also learn relaxation techniques that they can use too in times of stress!


For Baby:

Baby will benefit from mum being more relaxed during her pregnancy as there is a hormonal transference between mum and baby during this time.  If mum is more relaxed, baby is likely to be more relaxed too and, as relaxation hormones are responsible for the efficient functioning of the body, this can have a beneficial effect on baby's development and mum's overall well being during pregnancy.  During labour, a relaxed / hypnobirthing mum is more likely to birth her baby naturally with less likelihood of medical intervention, meaning that there is less chance of complications for baby during and after labour.  Also, if baby's birth is more calm and natural, they are more likely to be a chilled baby after birth.  Relaxed babies often feed more easily, are less likely to have digestive issues, and may be easier to sooth etc.  Plus relaxed baby = relaxed mummy!


Yumi Yoga’s Hypnobirthing Courses are suitable from 20 week pregnant onwards - however it is never too early or too late to start your Hypnobirthing practice :-)  Courses are designed for pregnant women with their partner / birth partner, however, it is possible to attend the course on your own if they are unable to join us or cannot make all the sessions.


See 'Timetable' for location & timetable for Yumi Yoga Hypnobirthing Courses.  We also offer Private   1-2-1 sessions for Pregnancy Yoga, Couples Birth Preparation & Hypnobirthing - please contact us for more information




Hypnobirthing Courses

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A Dad's Perspective:


Louise & Ulrich - proud mummy & daddy of baby Emmeline

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