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"I spent first part of labour at home using just the yogic breaths and pelvic rotations. Second stage came on quickly; Max was almost born 3 times on way to hospital (bathroom/ car/ birth centre corridor)! We arrived at 8.30am and he was born 8.48am - No time for gas+air or water birth. Turns out I'm an 'O' and 'golden thread' girl.  Although sounds like it was all a rush, mum and dad were relaxed throughout and the yoga moves helped push him out in the most gentle way (he was still in his water sac). Anyway, we're doing really well – and little Max is bringing a smile to everyone he meets. Won't be long until he meets you too.  Thanks for helping me / us prep for a magic birth.  I'll be signing up for the mum + baby sessions too :-)"

Sophie - proud mummy of baby Jasmine

"I just wanted to send a quick mail (while Ioan and Jake are sleeping!) to let you know how much everything I learned in pregnancy yoga & the birth prep workshop helped me during labour.   When I was labouring at home it was the focussed breathing from yoga that got me through, complimented by Jake's voice and TENS (I never did get to use the pool). Also the work against the wall was great and I pretty much walked around doing mini charlie chaplins the whole time!  I had to lie in a rubbish position to be monitored when I arrived in hospital, which made the pain far worse - but I used the hissing breath which helped. Finally, thank goodness I remembered about the cooling soup breath - as they got me ready for theatre for the section they let all pain relief go to nothing, so I was lying there fully dilated (TENS had long gone of course) but not allowed to push - they told me to pant like a dog, but I said I had my own technique and used the soup breath, which felt rounder, deeper than what they were telling me to do. It really did get me through one of the worst parts.   So thank you!"

"Although my waters broke 4am on Friday and I had contractions all day and night Friday; I was told that I was no way near dilated and would have to be induced Saturday afternoon. I was determined to have the baby naturally, without any intervention, so with the help of my husband and sisters, I focused my mind, starting walking the hospital corridors and went from 0 cm dilated to 10cm in under one hour, with only 2 paracetamols as medication. Avina was born 15 minutes later, with a few gas and air puffs and 5 contractions. The whole 'Labour' time, from the moment I first dilated, to the time Avina was born took 1 hour, 5 minutes!  Don't think the labour could have gone any better! I remembered the yoga positions we had discussed and gave birth on all fours with my head resting against a yoga ball. This was really the most comfortable and best position! Thank you for all your tips and advice over the past few months; they all really helped with the pregnancy especially the Pelvic Girdle Pain and most importantly on the big day itself."

These specialist workshops are designed to give you an overview of what to expect from labour and enable you to relax and be prepared for the birth of your baby. We aim to give you and your partner / birthing partner an 'invisible tool box' of techniques to help you prepare for labour, use during labour & the birth itself and the first few weeks with your new baby.  


During each workshop we specifically explore the following:

• initial signs of labour & physiology of each stage of labour & birth - including hormonal    


• key aspects for creating a comfortable birthing environment (wherever you have your baby)

• various positions for each stage of labour, movement / positions to help baby descend and

  ways to rest & conserve energy

• strengthening the bond between mother and baby

• helping to alleviate ailments commonly experienced during pregnancy

• practises to help relax pelvic floor in preparation for and during labour

• active roles for partner / birth partner during labour - positive & practical ways to provide


• breath awareness & breathing techniques for relaxation & pain relief

• learn partner massage & when to use it

• managing expectations - creating a birthing plan that is flexible and being open to change  

  whatever your birth experience

• the first moments, days & weeks with your new baby - getting to know each other and

  nurturing your bond


Yumi Yoga’s Birth Preparation workshops are open to anyone in their third trimester and their partner / birth partner.  You can also bring a third person if you would like.


See 'Timetable' for location & timetable for Yumi Yoga Birth Preparation Workshops.  We also offer Private 1-2-1 sessions for Pregnancy Yoga, Couples Birth Preparation & Hypnobirthing - please contact us for more infornation



"I thought the breathing exercises, birthing positions and visualisation that Sophie and I learnt in the workshop were excellent.   And as we had practiced these together before the birth I was able to help her to use them effectively throughout her labour / contractions and could identify with what she liked and found useful.   Doing the breathing exercises myself helped to relax me too and I understood how Sophie should be breathing so I could help guide and coax her into appropriate techniques when needed. Going through the different stages of labour & the physical & emotional effects during the workshop was also very useful and being able to visualise it beforehand made it less daunting on the day.   I knew at specific times during the labour what Sophie was going through and how to help, which meant I felt very involved and close to Sophie throughout labour and the birth of our baby girl.   I also enjoyed the cups of tea and chocolate biscuits!"

"I found the Birth Preparation workshop gave me much more confidence for the big day itself straight away.  Claire gave me several breathing techniques and labour positions to use during the labour & explained when best to use them.  We covered a lot of reallly helpful information in the class and I found the highlighting of a few specific techniques really useful and calming as I knew I would be able to remember them.  During my early contractions the breathing techniques were invaluable, both to keep the baby happy and relaxed as well as to give me something to focus on and feel like I had some control of the situation.  

It was great to have my husband attend the course with me so he could remind me of breathing/visualisation/positions when I was finding it hard to focus on what was needed when!

Claire was an amazing teacher, answering my endless questions and was very knowledgeable about labour and pregnancy in general.  I would highly recommend the course to anyone interested in ways to help keep calm and as relaxed as possible in labour"


Birth Preparation Workshops

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If you would like more information or would like to join our classes

please contact us:



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A Dad's Perspective:

Mike - proud daddy of

           baby Jasmine

Menakshi - proud mummy of baby Avina

"I was orginally extremely anxious about the upcoming birth of our first child, but thanks to Claire's birth preparation workshop I now feel more prepared in what to expect and a lot less nervous.  The way that Claire broke down the process of labour and the various techniques she showed us has given me greater confidence in attempting a natural birth.  I attended the class with my husband Chase, and we both found it extremely useful.  We learned a variety of different breathing techniques to use at different stages of labour.  Having Chase learn them with me is huge a comfort as I now know that if I lose focus on the big day he will be able to remind me and encourage me when to use the correct breathing.  Also the massage strokes Claire taught Chase has been a wonderful bonus and have been easing the pain in my lower back over the last couple of weeks.  Having the journey that the baby has to make during labour explained, has helped me to makes sense of why certain positions are good to be in for the birth and why using the breath to help stay calm and relaxed is so important.  The workshop was very relaxed and fun, and Claire answered any questions we had. I would highly recommend this class, especially if you would like to learn how to keep yourself calm and relaxed during labour."



"I went into the class hoping to learn how I can be useful to Becci during the labour.  And that's exactly what I got out of it!  Having the different stages of labour explained and learning how Becci may be feeling, I now have the confidence to be a supportive birth partner.  Practicing the breathing techniques with Becci has helped me remember them too so I can help encourage her.  It has also helped me feel more involved in the pregnancy, especially learning the massage techniques which I can now use to help ease any discomfort Becci's experiencing.  I also have the confidence now to be more vocal with the midwives/doctors on behalf of Becci if necessary."

Mother & Father-to-Be, Becci & Chase



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Jess - proud mummy of baby Maxwell

"Thank you again for the birth preparation workshop we attended earlier this summer.  The information you gave us was very helpful on our big day and our little bundle of joy was born without complications 8 days later than his due date."

Tara - proud mummy of baby Oscar

Helena - proud mummy of baby Jake

"Just thought I'd let you know that we got our home birth and had a v positive experience. Went into labour around 4.30pm on 6 January and our daughter Astrid was born just after 8pm that evening just after we put our son to bed!   Thanks for the yoga classes and the birth preparation workshop, all very helpful."

Helen - proud mummy of baby Astrid

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