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Baby Yoga is loads of fun for both mums and babies and offers a wide variety of benefits.  Claire has trained extensively with Birthlight, International Association of Infant Massage & the British Wheel of Yoga in Postnatal Yoga, Baby Massage & Baby Yoga to ensure that her classes bring you a complete view of how you and your baby can enjoy positive postnatal experiences together. In class we explore simple massage & yoga inspired movements with a view to assisting baby's physical and cognitive development and helping to alleviate some of the more common discomforts, such as colic, digestive issues, problems sleeping etc. The nurturing, tactile nature of the practices also enhances the mutual bond between mother and baby and help to encourage relaxed interaction. Mummies also benefit from the simple postnatal recovery practices that are integrated into each class. Classes are relaxed & informal, allowing you to feed, change, comfort or soothe your baby to sleep whenever necessary.


Benefits of Baby Yoga include:  


•Encourages interaction, creative play and stronger bonding between mum and baby

•Strengthening and relaxing postures for both mum and baby

•Aids baby’s digestive heath and helps relieve colic

•Encourages better sleeping patterns for baby

•Allow mum the opportunity to spend time with baby without everyday distractions

•Assists baby’s spinal development, co-ordination and motor development

•Aids mum’s post natal recovery and encourages good, supported posture while caring for      


•Helps build confidence in holding and handling baby


Yumi Yoga's Baby Classes are suitable for mums / dads / carers and babies aged between

10 weeks and 9 months old (or pre crawling).  No previous experience of yoga is necessary.


See 'Class Schedule' for location & timetable for Yumi Yoga Baby Yoga classes.


We also offer Mother and Baby Yoga & Baby Massage classes and private postnatal classes for individuals or small groups can be arranged

- please contact us for details.

"My daughter and I love baby yoga! I didn't really know that much about baby yoga before we started but knew it would be good for us both.  It has exceeded all my expectations!  Claire makes the classes so much fun and we often do the moves and sing songs at home too.  Another great thing is that my daughter and I have learnt to relax together which is just wonderful - I'd defintiely recomennd these classes to anyone! "

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Baby Yoga

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If you would like more information or would like to join our classes please contact us:



07957 204 177

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